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Arctic Armor Red Bibs (XXS - 4X)

Arctic Armor Bibs, Arctic Armor Jacket, Arctic Armor Suit

Bib Features:
3 layers of INSULTEX™ Insulation * Adjustable Nylon Suspenders with Quick-Release Zippers and Snaps *
Hand Warming Pockets * INSULTEX™ Padded Seat * Zipper and Snap Opening to the Knees for Easy Access
* Internal Tightening System (to keep the snow out) * Super Padded Knees With INSULTEX™ For Kneeling *
Two Large Cargo Pockets with Snaps

Sizing tips: Measure your girth at widest point and pick a size a couple inches larger than that to allow for some layers. Inseam is adjustable up or down several inches by adjusting the suspenders. There is a strap at the bottom of the bibs so they don't overhang boots.

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SIZE--Girth (measure widest point)--INSEAM (can adjust w/ straps)
Bib XXS---Up to 31"------------------Up to 32"
Bib XS-----Up to 34"------------------Up to 32"
Bib S-------Up to 37"------------------Up to 32"
Bib M-------Up to 41"------------------Up to 32"
Bib L--------Up to 45"------------------Up to 32"
Bib XL------Up to 49"------------------Up to 33"
Bib 2X------Up to 53"------------------Up to 33"
Bib 3X------Up to 57"------------------Up to 33"
Bib 4X------Up to 61"------------------Up to 34"
Bib 5X------Up to 65"------------------Up to 34"
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